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Professional Tree Surgery in Ealing, Chiswick and surrounding areas

One of our most popular tree surgery services is tree felling – the cutting down of a tree in its entirety. This can be done for several reasons, such as the tree being dangerous, damaged, or diseased, or simply to make more room on the land. But what happens to the felled tree trunk after that? Fortunately for our customers in West London and North West London, Allison Tree Services is on hand to remove any trees from your property and dispose of the stump.
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Local Tree Removal in Ealing and Chiswick

Allison Tree Services has been removing trees from West London and North West London properties since 2010. This is what you can expect from us:

Safe and Careful Tree Removal

While felling the tree is perhaps the most dangerous part of the process, tree removal is not without its risks. It requires powerful cutting tools and lifting equipment to dismantle the tree prior to removing it from your property. Our experienced tree surgeons have the skill and expertise to handle all this hardware in an appropriate manner.

Troublesome Tree?

That’s no problem for Allison Tree Services, call us today on 020 8578 7327 for your free quotation, or email us at

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Tree Stump Grinding in Ealing and Chiswick

With the tree removed, you still have the stump to take care of, which is something else we can help with. We use a powerful stump grinding machine that we attach to the remains of the tree. The stump grinder then tears through the stump (roots and all), shredding it into wood pulp and sawdust. This can then be bagged up and taken away by our team.

Why Choose Allison Tree Services?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for your tree removal and stump grinding needs in Ealing and Chiswick.

We are a well-established firm of tree surgeons with our own team of trained and qualified arboriculturists.

Between us, we have decades of relevant, on-the-job experience, ensuring a quick and efficient removal service every time you call us out.

All tree removal work is insured and includes our no-fuss guarantee. We are also members of the Arboricultural Association, as well as registered with City & Guilds Land Based Services (formerly NPTC) to ensure our staff has the latest qualifications.

Reliable Tree Removal Experts Surgeons Near You

Operating from our base in Ealing, we provide tree removal and stump grinding solutions across a 10-mile radius. Whether you’re in West London like us, or North West London, you can expect a fast turnaround whenever you call us out to remove a tree from your ground. For more information, visit our Areas We Cover page.

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For tree removal and stump grinding solutions you can rely upon in Ealing, Chiswick, and across the West London and North West London, contact Allison Tree Services today. Call us or send an email to get a free, no-obligation quote for our services.
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